Monday, December 18th, 2017

Stereo Photography

Stereo photographs are best seen with a stereoviewer. However, there are techniques called “free-viewing” (because a viewing device is not required). One of these techniques is cross-eyed viewing. By switching the left and right photos, you can see the 3D image by crossing your eyes. Look at the images below (click on one to enlarge), cross your eyes to form a 3rd center image. Wait a second or two to let your eyes focus. Don’t sit too close to your computer screen and keep your head straight. Practice first with the image of the two black boxes. From a normal viewing position,slowly cross your eyes until the two dots form a third, center dot, and relax. The smaller center box should pop out in 3D. If you can make this stereo image work, then you can view all the 3D images posted on my site.


3 Responses to “Stereo Photography”
  1. johnny says:

    best 3D stereo work i have seen, props. A+ work

  2. Manne says:

    Wow! That´s really amazing! Never thought it would work as good as it did. Was a bit hard to relax and get the focus right at first but now it´s instant. Thank you!

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