Monday, December 18th, 2017

Kyle Field Experience 2015


September 14 – October 31, 2015

At the end of last year’s lackluster football season, work began on the second phase of the Kyle Field expansion project. The old West Side was imploded and round-the-clock construction began. Early September I attended an open-house for the new stadium. The place is impressive, but a little too ostentatious for me. *sigh* What happened to the poor-farmer school?

Considering the outrageous cost (in my opinion) of a ticket, I thought my odds of going to a game this semester were slim, BUT as fate would have it, I attended almost every home game as someone’s guest and/or tour-guide. During the first game, I accompanied fellow faculty member, Carol LaFayette. She was recognized at the game for her leadership in Texas A&M’s Institute for Applied Creativity.

The next game, I introduced two new faculty members to the Aggie Football experience. Paul and I attended the Alabama game with a couple of his friends. Paul and I returned to Kyle Field to attend the game against the Gamecocks. That game was a little special for me because my department was acknowledged during the second quarter. Earlier in the week, I worked on a video that contained segments from past student projects. After the video played on the big screen, two faculty members and two former students were recognized on the field. It was a cool moment for the Department of Visualization! After the game, Paul and I headed to the Corner Bar to kill some time while the post-game traffic dissipated. We had fun visiting with some of the Gamecocks who came to town for the game. It’s all about good Southern hospitality.

Thanks again for letting me share part of my world with you.

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