Monday, January 21st, 2019


My career in Videography began in 1986 when I started working for Shamrock Broadcasting at KXXV in Waco Texas. By the time I left I was producing local commercials and directing two weekly public-affair shows for the Central Texas area. I left KXXV to pursue a bachelor’s and then a master’s degree in Communications. Shortly after completing my second degree, I began producing videos for the Texas Agricultural Extensions Service.

For years, I produced educational and marketing videos about anything from performance horses to lumber production. It was fun, and I’m thankful I made a career of doing something I love. Along the way, I learned that focusing too much on a script can make the final piece feel forced or fake. When it comes to shooting and editing video, I prefer taking a documentary-style approach to the subject matter. To me, it makes everything feel natural and above all, sincere.

In the video shown above, I documented the last day of the 2009 summer animation course. Each year, Viz students at Texas A&M participate in industry-animation-courses. The Department of Visualization collaborates with leading animation studios to give the students a condensed “real-world” production experience. In 2009, students taking the Summer Industry Course (VIZA 627) worked with visiting professionals from Disney to produce four animated shorts. Each team of students had to develop a storyline around the simple concept of a toy sitting on a shelf in a child’s bedroom and then produce a thirty-second short. For sixty days students literally worked around the clock to get the job done.

Students, Faculty and Staff from the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M traveled to New Orleans to spend the week attending SIGGRAPH 2009, About 20,000 computer-graphic-visual-professionals and artists from around the world made their way to this CG-Mecca-event.

Arts, crafts, and live music were showcased along the streets of Downtown Bryan, Texas on the first Friday in June 2009.

Just For Fun

The following videos are not examples of any kind of production style. They’re here simply for the fun of it.

The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band performs during half-time at the UAB game Septermber 26, 2009.

A fun ride on the Superman Krypton Coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas with Esteban.

Skiing with Ruben in Colorado – Spring Break 2009