Monday, January 21st, 2019

Visualization Production Specialist

newheelsCurrently, I work at the Visualization Laboratory within the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University.

I assist both faculty and students on technical issues concerning hardware and software-based visual production systems. I also serve as production editor on multimedia,computer graphic and/or video projects.


I enjoy what I do because I like problem solving. I’m one of those technical optimists who believes that a solution can be found to any problem…most of the time. It’s Just a Tool.

While working at Texas A&M, I decided to continue my education by pursuing a graduate degree in the field of Educational Technology. I felt the need to develop a better understanding of how video can be used as an instructional tool.

Video is a great tool, BUT not always the right tool.

Video is a great tool, BUT not always the right tool.

Instructional design is the core of educational technology. It is the entire process of analyzing learner needs and goals, and then developing delivery methods (whatever the medium may be) to meet those needs.

Receiving a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Texas A&M has helped me communicate better with faculty and administrators about aspects of course development and instructional project management. I’ve developed skill sets that help me work with subject matter experts and end-users during the needs analysis phase of an instructional design project. I’ve also learned to better identify, training needs, resources, and technology options for instructional content delivery and assessment. Most importantly, I’ve learned that this process never ends. Advances in technology, learning theories, and the changing needs of learners, will continue to present challenges to the field of instructional design (and to those who strive to produce effective instructional videos to meet those needs).