Monday, December 18th, 2017


img_3707 I love going Geocaching. It’s a game of sorts, played by people around the world. It requires the use of a handheld GPS device (or smart phone). To begin, a person logs onto to acquire latitude and longitude coordinates of places or objects located and/or hidden nearby. The player then enters these coordinates in his or her GPS device to locate the cache. This process is much easier if you have the geocaching app for your smart phone. Launch the app and it will find caches hidden close to your location. The first thing a player does when they find a cache is to make an entry in the geocache’s log. Caches usually contain items that can be taken by each player. It’s proper etiquette to leave something if you remove something from the cache. The type and value of these items vary. Other objects found in these hidden containers include what are called “Travel Bugs.” These objects are moved by players from cache to cache and tracked via the Internet.
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