Sunday, January 21st, 2018

The best part about Halloween is that people of all ages are encouraged to dress up and be whomever they want to be. This year, with the upcoming release of the new Star Wars film, I was inspired to be a Jedi. I wore my costume on campus for our annual college costume contest. *sigh* I didn’t win, but I had plenty of fun. That weekend, I went with Paul to an amazing Halloween party hosted by our mutual friend, Chris.

I wanted to so something a little different this year for Halloween, so I focused my attention on making an illusion-based costume. Weeks before Halloween, I searched the Internet for ideas. Eventually, I stumbled upon the concept of making a Minion costume. Once my mind was set on the idea, I became a man on a mission. I bought a metal laundry hamper, cut the bottom out, covered it with a mattress pad and fabric. Most of the other details were made out of fabric as well. The eyes were a couple of painted plastic flower-pots. It was fun to make and a blast to wear at the college Halloween contest.

Liz and Vann drove up to College Station to take part in our annual tradition of picking pumpkins at the Habitat for Humanity Pumpkin Patch and then carving them at my house. Elsa and Travis couldn’t join us this year because Elsa is currently attending graduate school in South Texas. We missed not having them with us.

October 31, 2011 This year, faculty and staff at the College of Architecture were encouraged to dress up for Halloween. As part of a college-wide contest, individuals competed for the best costume. The department with the most participants received $500 for their respective student organization. I’m happy to say, that the Department of Visualization won […]

October 31, 2010 The last weekend of October turned into a busy one. Friday night Ruben and I joined Liz and some of her friends for a Halloween outing at Northgate. The next day, we headed to Kyle Field to shoot another series of panoramic images of the stadium (during the game against Tech). Later […]

October 31, 2009

I usually look forward to Halloween but this year, my enthusiasm for the holiday just wasn’t there. For the past several years, I’ve gone so far as to put on a big production at my house for the local trick-or-treaters. This year, I decided not to do it.